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Business overview

With the advancement of economic globalization, etc., the intellectual property system in Japan is entering a new era.
The IPCC will never forget its roles and responsibilities in this new era and intends to steadily conduct its business in order to contribute to making Japan an ” intellectual property-based nation.”

Details of the business

The IPCC conducts three types of business: “prior art searches,” “patent classification business,” and “business for public interest purposes.”
The goal of the “prior art searches” and “patent classification business” is to provide all the necessary support to the patent examination system of Japan as a registered search organization with the help of a wide range of professional engineers covering all of the technical fields. From 2015, the IPCC commenced the “IPCC prior art search service (prior art search service offered by the IPCC as a registered search organization) in order to accept search requests from applicants, etc. as well.