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President's greetings

President Greetings

The IPCC is committed to the Japan’s national strategy
of making Japan an “intellectual property-based nation.”

一般財団法人 工業所有権協力センター 理事長 鈴木隆史

一般財団法人 工業所有権協力センター 理事長 鈴木隆史

Toward the goal of providing "the world's fastest and best quality" patent examination services

With the advancement of economic globalization and the acceleration of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, intellectual property systems such as a patent system are once again facing significant changes. At the same time, the intellectual property systems are expected to play an increasingly important role in promoting innovation and revitalizing local economies. Against this background, the Intellectual Property Strategic Program
2017 established in May 2017 continues to pursue the goal of providing "the world's fastest and best quality" patent examination services. To achieve this goal, a system of conducting the world's fastest, high-quality prior art searches is indispensable.

Roles that IPCC has played to date

The IPCC, the Industrial Property Cooperation Center, was first established as an incorporated foundation in December 1985 thanks to the support from industry and the guidance from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the Japan Patent Office. Since then, we have conducted patent application classification and prior-art searches as a designated search organization under the Act on Special Provisions* and as a registered search organization under said Act after an amendment thereof. We have been steadily playing our roles in the field of intellectual property protection through the establishment of the basic system for patent examination and our contribution to the government's achievement of the FA11 goal for faster patent examination.

IPCC in the future

The IPCC changed its corporate form to a general incorporated foundation in July 2009. Even after becoming a general incorporated foundation, we keep in mind our history as a public-interest corporation and always strive to protect public interest and fairness when conducting operations. In the new era, under the four principles of our business philosophy, namely, "Respect for fairness," "Fast, reliable operations," "Initiative in improving and reforming oneself," and "Contribution toward Japan becoming an intellectual property-based nation," we will make efforts to carry out operations in good faith and meet the new expectations of Japanese people.

In the era of cross-industrial, cross-sectoral technological innovation, the IPCC, which consists of experts in all technical fields, is expected to play an even greater role. As an organization that provides fundamental services that are indispensable for the intellectual property systems in the new era, we will make further contribution to the field of prior art search with a renewed sense of responsibility. It is our hope that we will continue to receive your support and cooperation.

April 2018
Takashi Suzuki, President
Industrial Property Cooperation Center

* Act on Special Provisions for Procedures related to Industrial Property Right